The Future is Now

Since ancient times, humans have strived to build robots that assist us in our daily lives. Aeolus Robotics makes this goal a reality. We provide complete robotic services using our autonomous two-armed mobile robots that increase productivity and convenience across many industries.

Robots for Service Industries

We are here to serve, with capable robotic services for elderly care, health care, hospitality, security, transportation, and more. From reducing the risk of falls by patrolling and monitoring, to reducing the risk of infection by disinfecting with UV light, our robots’ abilities to interact with their environments facilitates a broad range of uses.

Helping Hands

By leveraging our robot’s pair of seven degree-of-freedom arms we provide an unrivalled level of environmental manipulation — opening doors, riding elevators, and picking up objects. Coupling these with mobility, our services cover entire facilities.

Intelligent and Adaptable

By employing superior Artificial Intelligence, Vision, Navigation, and Deep Learning technologies, our robots accomplish tasks independently and safely. Our services can be customized to provide varieties of autonomous assistance.