About Us

Aeolus Robotics is a startup, founded to bring the first generation
of household robot assistants to life, and to market.  
We integrate best manufacturing prowess,
Silicon Valley AI genius, and worldwide coding expertise
to break ground in general-purpose consumer robotics for unstructured “human” spaces.

Our Team

Combining cutting-edge technologies globally, we make best robots.

AI-based Software

Disruptive Hardware


20+ years AI experience

50+ Robotic Patent / Papers

Management Team

Alexander Huang

Global CEO

Mr. Alexander Huang has 30+ year career in high-tech business. He started at HP in 1983 to create a government business sector, he built up TECO Info European operation to deliver the very first 4-1 fax/printer/scanner/copier of world since 1989, later on joining Microsoft in 1992. At Microsoft he held numerous senior executive positions including President of Microsoft Greater China Region. He is an active angel investor, with a portfolio including a cloud-based B2B Video Communication company recently listed in China market.

Dan Oblinger


Dan's career has been focused on applying Machine Learning and data science to solve real world problems. As a Program Manager at DARPA, Dan created and led a $200+ million dollar Machine Reading initiative, which lead to the creation of "Watson" — IBM's Jeopardy-playing supercomputer. At IBM Research, Dan developed 20+ patents technology including technology now part of the IBM Rational Software tool suite. Dan holds a Pd.D. in Computer Science and taught graduate courses on Machine Learning while a visiting professor at Columbia University.

TC Huang

COO & Asia CEO

TC Huang has been the Head of Portable Image Devices (PID) Strategic Business Group at Lite-On Technology Corporation since 2003. With a solid image, mechanical engineering and business management background, Mr. Huang has over 30 years of profound experience in image, Optoelectronics and office automation industry and achieved global top 3 market position in the principal products. His multiple posts before becoming the PID SBG head of Lite-On Technology include being the Image Management Devices SBU head of Lite-On Technology from 1998 to 2002 and R&D Vice President of Lite-On Technology from 1992 to 1998.

Robert Yao

Marketing VP

Robert Yao joined Aeolus Robotics from LiteON technology, where he initiated and served as general manager of industrial automation business unit focusing on servo drive/motors and PLC. Before LiteON, he was management consultant for McKinsey& Co with emphasis on high-tech industry M&A and business transformation. Robert also worked at various engineering positions in Marvell, Intel and Hoya. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of technology.

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