Job Description

We are a great team of high velocity engineers, each of us has world-class skills in some area, and you do too. We don’t have the time or inclination to micro-manage your remote activities. We will provide clear structure in the form of a network of very detailed milestones, and a daily agile/scrum style discipline, but you are the one that makes this loose arrangement work, because you step forward to grab the right next task, attack it in an effective way, and by reaching out to the right other teammates to get the job done.

Most of all you are motivated to be proactive, to figure out the ways forward, to propose them, to involve others, and to DO them! and of course you are motivated to build ROBOTS!
Required Experience
You have a background in Computer Vision algorithms (Machine Learning algorithms a plus), with the ability to implement them.
Critically, you know when to apply best practice and when to roll your own solution. You will own the Vision code base.


• 2+ years practical experience building Vision based systems.
• Familiarity with many Computer Vision libraries (e.g. OpenCV, PCL, CUDA …).
• Strong knowledge of Computer Vision algorithms and how to implement them.
• Team lead / management experience is a plus.


The compensation package will be competitive and substantial, consisting of salary, bonus, equity, and company benefits.
If you see yourself working alongside founders, leading engineers and researchers to produce world-changing products that people will love, while also solving challenging problems around machine learning and robotics – Feel welcome to apply.

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