Job Description

Work with experts developing, iterating and testing robot algorithms, in one or more of these areas:

• Robot motion planning and control.
• Visual modeling and perception.
• Language understanding.
• Grasp planning.
• Firmware programming for HW/SW systems.
• Other amazing robotics-based challenges!

Required Experience

This is a role perfectly fitting to your profile if:

• you are looking for the place to stretch yourself,
• you are able to work within a senior, highly performant product team, and aren’t afraid of a challenge,
• you are a self-starter with the motivation and skills needed to effectively operate on your own time in your own way while being responsive to the needs of your teammates and the team as a whole,

• you love working on the scaled algorithmic code,
• you are effective at quickly understanding and operating on algorithms taken from research in AI, Robotics, and Vision, or you have have experience with sensors, motors, and other devices,
• you are comfortable working alongside experts in these areas, or are an expert yourself,
• you have a proven track record of delivering ideas into working prototypes at high velocity,
• you have commercial/agile development teaming experience,
• you’ve architected some serious systems and may have even been a team lead.


• 3+ years of professional C++.
• 5+ years commercial software development experience.
• Very good SW engineering skills.
• Bonus if you have experience with any of the following:
– Robotics, Computer Vision or Machine Learning.
– Real-time programming and writing control loops.
– Writing device drivers or complex algorithmic work.
– An understanding of electronics.
– Designing and implementing either hardware or software APIs.


These roles permit flexible working hours and are 100% remote. You will work in a scrum-based agile development cycle. Whether you prefer contract work or a permanent position, we can accommodate you. You will be working alongside founders, researchers, and engineers to design and build first-generation robotic solutions for mass consumer adoption.

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